“I have worked with many healers and most all have been helpful. I never imagined that a healer existed with the wide range of gifts Lenna possesses. Her ability to identify blocks whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual are remarkable. Not only can she identify them, she works together to release them and provides tools to strengthen one’s self. I often leave our sessions in awe, and telling her she ‘hit another bullseye.’
Alongside Lenna’s great gifts, is a beautiful, caring, compassionate, loving soul who I am blessed with whom to be friends. I am a huge fan of Lenna Ray!”   -B


“Throughout my life, I have come across many teachers offering powerful techniques to calm the mind, but had found limited success. When I met Lenna six years ago, I was in awe of her calming presence, and how she effectively transmitted teachings to every facet of my mind and body. Lenna’s guidance and her capacity to heal others are unique. She reaches beyond the mind and into the physical body and heart. Over years, she has helped me recover from a severe eating disorder that nearly killed me, and offered tools which provided the mental clarity I needed to make the best career decisions. Lenna would say that it was I who saved myself, but I couldn’t imagine having beat this disorder without her. She saved my life. I am eternally grateful for her kindness, her touch and her wisdom.”    -Claire


“I met Lenna and within minutes I knew she was someone who could really help me, which is not a normal feeling for me. In case there was any doubt, another one of her clients walked up at that exact moment, extolling her virtues as a healer. Over the course of our sessions, I moved from intense grief and stomach pains to feeling lighter and connected to something much bigger than my tiny world. She encouraged my sadness to be seen, nurtured, and loved, which is exactly how I felt in Lenna’s presence. I’m so very grateful for her role in my life.”   -Beth