Galactic Activation


Light Body Activation and Healing

I am so filled with Joy to be able to offer this awesome Activation to those who feel resonate to receive this gift.  After a life altering experience at Rythmia in Costa Rica this past August of 2018, I am now…..out of the closet.  “I am an Alien”. I found my Courage to say this out loud. I found to Courage to share this:
I remember who I am and what I am.  I Am.  I am consciousness, the Divine, playing and expressing itself in this relative existence as an individualized identity, Lenna, who is remembering herself.  With the Assistance of plant medicine I was able to shift my relationship with Fear and find my abiding love for it.  With out the gift of Fear, we as humans are not able to find our Courage. Without Courage we do not have the strength to break away from conditions and beliefs that keep us in the 3rd Dimensional cycle of pain and suffering.
I experience myself as a fractal of Divine Consciousness here on this planet assisting in the Galactic shift in consciousness from 3D to 5D. I am here, as many of you are, to assist Gaia by being an expression of Feminine Christ Consciousness.
In other words, I have incarnated on this planet to Love Myself, Love You and Love all beings.

Light Body Activation

 This is a unique Light encoded message just for you. I will channel your Galactic Family in a Light Language Activation. These are vibrational keys to unlock your DNA Light Body codes.

Carbon Clearing

Using sound and touch, this is a an active clearing of Energies that are keeping you in the old paradigm of separation and suffering.

Synaptic Brain Wave Repatterining

Depending on your emotional belief patterns, together we will re-write your beliefs and create a take home practice to secure the shifts.

Practical Application

This session is for 90 minutes. Woven into the Activation is time for questions, and practical assistance on how this applies to your life at this moment in time. We will discuss shifts in Mind, Body (Physical and Etheric) and your relationship to Consciousness.