My work is my love manifest.
Usually people come to me because there is a strong resonance and a knowing that I can assist them in their journey. I work on a soul level, assisting in the healing process by listening to where the soul is fragmented. There must be a desire and willingness to shift in order for transformation to happen. I am inviting you to check in and see within yourself if you are wanting to journey with me at this time. If this feels important for your heart and soul to spend time with me I would love to share my gifts with you.
So many blessings and much love to you,


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Intuitive Healing

         “When the giving and the receiving begin to blur, and the ecstatic presence of the Divine is felt, something magical is experienced. Sharing my work is my love and purpose. I am creating a mission statement in this moment: ‘It is my purpose in this incarnation to remind everyone that I come into contact with that they are the love that they seek.’ You are it. YOU are that love, the change, and the answer. The secret is: the answer to all your questions is ‘love yourself’. And that is where I come in, to help you with the how. How do I love myself? I will meet you where you are. Free of judgement or an agenda. This is where the magic begins.”      
Zoom or Phone Sessions: 90 minute session.
With complete and focused loving attention, I will listen to what you are wanting for yourself, and through my intuitive gifts assist you on accessing this. My goal in this assistance is to empower you and guide you back to the Sovereign Divine Being that you are. With love, compassion and kindness we will explore, uncover and integrate lost fragments of the Soul, healing the body and guiding you to remember your wholeness, your True Divine Nature.

currently not available

Sanctuary Sessions: 90 minute session.
This is with me, in person. Unlike the phone or Zoom sessions I am able to  share touch and energy gifts. Bodywork is an amazing tool for listening to the communication and the intelligence of the physical body. Because my range of gifts is so broad, I have been challenged to find words for everything that I can bring to a session. One of my greatest enjoyments is deep listening and healing of the nervous system. I have been asked which modalities I utilize. I have studied many and there have been a few by Grace that have magically appeared. Experience the profound shifts that occur when one is touched with the Presence of Divine Love.
I work differently with each and every being. Using the power of love combined with my intuitive and channeling gifts, I am able to vibrationally connect to your Higher Self and Soul so that together we can remove and unwind that which is interfering with your Highest Good and Greatest Health. I work with your physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal bodies to determine and unwind unconscious patterns and integrate soul fragments. A journey toward remembering wholeness.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. I have a sliding scale and offer discounts for multiple purchases. Please feel free to contact me and ask for what you are needing.
Love and Light,

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